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Rujak Cingur is east javanese food

Rujak Cingur is a vegetables salad with spicy sauce. There is none of Surabaya or East Javanese people that are not fond of this dish. As the name, rujak, it is a vegetable and fruit dish with sauce. On the other hand it is a one-dish meal. It consiststempe or tempeh, tofu, beef cingur. Cingur is a cow’s nose. For the sauce, it is enriched with peanuts, chili, tamrind, water, pisangbatu (unripe/green cooked banana), and petis. Petis is another East Javanese special ingredient. It’s made from shrimp, fish or clam. It has dark glossy color with strong smell .

This food has become the unique taste of Surabaya. The flavour is really unique, because it combines of slices of cooked buffalo or beef lips, yam bean (bengkuang), young raw mango, pineapple, cucumber, bean sprout, kangkung ( water convolvulus), lontong (compressed rice), fried tofu and tempe, all served with black sauce made from fried garlic, chillies, a slice of young banana, petis (black fermented shrimp paste) and ground peanuts.

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